Decades: The Bee Gees

A Book Series

A deep, detailed exploration of the Brothers Gibb and their remarkable musical legacy.

Across a career that spanned seven decades, THE BEE GEES have sold in excess of 200 million records, making them among the best-selling music artists of all time.

They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Australian Recording Industry’s Hall of Fame, and the Songwriters Hall of Fame, and received lifetime achievement awards from the British Phonographic Industry, the American Music Awards, the World Music Awards and the Grammy Awards.

According to Billboard magazine, The Bee Gees are one of top three most successful bands in their charts’ history.

DECADES: THE BEE GEES is the first published set of volumes to chronicle the band’s stunning catalog album-by-album, and song-by-song – including expansive commentary on the brothers’ solo efforts, production work, and side projects.


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Listen to Our “The Bee Gees in the 1970s” Playlist on Spotify!

LISTEN TO OUR “THE BEE GEES IN THE 1970s” PLAYLIST ON SPOTIFY! To accompany our forthcoming Decades: The Bee Gees in the 1970s book, the authors have created a companion playlist on Spotify – nearly four hours of music[…]

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“Decades: The Bee Gees in the 1970s” to be Released This Spring

The follow-up installment to the acclaimed 2021 book “Decades: The Bee Gees in the 1960s” will be released in the United Kingdom and Europe on March 28, and on March 31 in the United States and Canada.

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Decades: The Bee Gees in the 1960s

Published November 2021 (UK & Europe) | December 2021 (United States & Canada)

Before they mastered their crafts as performers, songwriters, and recording artists, The Bee Gees spent a decade climbing their way out of their commonplace working-class upbringing in Britain to forge a path for themselves as career songwriters and musicians. DECADES: THE BEE GEES IN THE 1960s tells the story of the Brothers Gibb across a turbulent ten years in which they began as fledgling performers and ended rather painfully disassembled as colleagues and family members. In between, they rose out of obscurity to find bona fide success as internationally recognised artists.

It’s a fascinating chapter in The Bee Gees’ story, and the music that evolved from it is equally compelling.

VINCE MELOUNEY (singer, guitarist, and former Bee Gees member) and SPENCER GIBB (recording artist, songwriter, producer, and son of Robin Gibb) have each penned a foreword for the book with rich personal perspective and context.

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“A musical and anecdotal treasure trove.” – GOOD TIMES

“One of the strengths of this highly informative and educational book is the depth of research gone into exploring the band’s early years in the sixties…every one of their 60’s albums is examined in forensic detail, with their developing songwriting skills turning out hit singles at the same time, and they’re some surprising observations made about the music.” – RAMZINE

“The writers have done an excellent job of researching the groups’ challenges and triumphs.” – PENNY BLACK MUSIC

“The authors have produced a detailed look at the band’s career from their earliest days to chart success, including a song by song look at each album. They certainly know their stuff, and have put together a volume that’s very well worth your time if you’re a fan of this period of their career.” AFTERWORD

“A superbly put-together record of the band´s early work. Fascinating! A finalist and highly recommended!” – THE WISHING SHELF BOOK AWARDS

“…Fresh and worthy. Let’s hope that the fallow early 70s and eventual rebirth are chronicled in such detail and with such care. ★★★★” – SHINDIG MAGAZINE


Decades: The Bee Gees in the 1970s

Published 31 March, 2023 (UK & Europe) | 12 May, 2023 (United States & Canada)

DECADES: THE BEE GEES IN THE 1970s follows the brothers’ career trajectory across a ten-year span that meanders between dizzying highs and devastating lows. The Gibbs began 1970 as non-existent – bitterly split after succumbing to the pressures and excesses of their first wave of international fame in the latter part of the 1960s. By 1979, they were one of the most successful music acts on the planet. In between, The Bee Gees crafted timeless works that defied genre, transcended societal boundaries, and permeated generations of listeners.

With over 300 pages of content, this comprehensive installment brims with brand new interviews and freshly-discovered facts and anecdotes. SPENCER GIBB once again supplies the book’s foreword, laying essential cultural and musical groundwork for the rest of the text.

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“The authors of this series…do an incredible job of implying the personal and creative pressures that came with The Bee Gees’ incredible rise to success and fame across the 1970s. As this book will show, this is the story of uncharted territory.” – SPENCER GIBB

“A compelling insight into The Bee Gees’ resurgence in the 1970s.” – THE WISHING SHELF BOOK AWARDS

“Extremely enjoyable and informative…[it] should captivate and dazzle fans of The Bee Gees, as well as all those with an appetite for music history.” – THE BEAT

“It’s the stories between the songs and albums that make the [book] a highly entertaining read.” – GOOD TIMES

“A labour of love by three Bee Gees historians [who] have gone into this forensically…” – LINDA McDERMOTT, BBC RADIO MERSEYSIDE

About the Authors

Based in Wales, the United States, and Australia, respectively,
have over fourteen decades of combined expertise and history tied to the Bee Gees’ legacy between them, amassing a lengthy list of credits for their contributions to CDs, DVDs, books, tour programmes, articles, television documentaries, and official websites.

In 2000, Andrew and Mark co-authored the expansive Bee Gees biography, Tales of the Brothers Gibb.

Andrew’s expert contributions can be seen and heard in a myriad of Bee Gees-related productions for the BBC, ITV, A&E, and VH1 networks.

Mark, the foremost expert on the Bee Gees’ Australian era, gifted his collection to the Queensland Library in 2016. He contributed liner notes to the 1998 Spin/Festival Records compilation Assault the Vaults.

Grant is an award-winning freelance arts writer, penning nearly 300 features for Columbus Underground and Albumism since 2015. He is a prolific music interviewer, conversing with a diverse roster of artists including Dionne Warwick, Midge Ure, Melissa Etheridge, Edie Brickell, Death Cab for Cutie, Barenaked Ladies, and Bryan Adams.